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Ben Krete has been hooked on reptiles since his first visit to a reptarium as a child. He dreamt of owning all sorts of cold blood critters, but his parents were not so keen. As an adult, he would watch Snake Bytes TV and Justin Kobylka's YouTube videos, which further inspired him to own and breed his own reptiles to his heart's content.

He built up a collection of sought after morphs (a Bumblebee being the "it" snake of the time), and eventually sold his collection to buy a home and put work into being a Dad. But he always knew he would return to ball python breeding one day.

In 2019, he decided to jump back in to the breeding game head first, now pursuing multiple projects and new morphs that would have been unheard of his first go around. And making reptile nerds of the next generation to boot.

in demand

Ethically bred and sought after

Whether you're looking for a new family member, or a specific addition to a breeding collection, our projects span across many sought after genes and combinations. We have many projects on the go at once, ranging from double, triple, and quadruple het projects, to more projects looking to attain a specific look. Since our collection is varied, we recommend staying up to date with our socials or filling out our Contact Form if looking for something specific.

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  • Ensure the enclosure is sized correctly to the size of your animal
  • Include a hide
  • Temperature should be 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit on the cool side, and 88-92 degrees Fahrenheit on the basking side of the enclosure


  • Our pythons are fed rats, mice and African Soft Fur mice
  • Ensure the rat/mouse is warm, properly thawed or live for consumption


  • Snakes take time to settle in to a new location
  • It is normal for snakes to sometimes not eat for a period of time

What animals do you breed?

We specialize in and only sell Pythons.


Where do you ship to?

As we are in Ontario, Canada, we currently ship to Canada and the USA. All other destinations please inquire using our Contact Us form below.


How do we find what snakes are available?

Instagram, HerpSocial and Email are the easiest ways to determine what is available and for sale.


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